I arrived home late and was greeted by happy children holding a plate of hrustule for me as I entered the door. I took a small piece and then took off my shoes before coming inside. As I rounded the corner to the living area, the lights went on. Surprise ! Our Christmas tree was covered in both the white and multi-coloured lights.

During work I thought how I would need to put up the lights on the tree. I thought the children would have liked the colourful bulbs so I got a few boxes of those along with an equal amount of white. All of the boxes were emptied and the children requested more.

I was glad to see the children busy decorating for Christmas. They were excited and happy which made me feel the same.

The rest of the evening involved looking for an available kitten to adopt as the options the children had ended up already being adopted. Cinnamon had a virtual 10-page list of wishes for presents. Every ‘page’ was for a cat.

My husband warmed up to the idea of having a cat and I initially agreed to an outdoor cat as that was all I had as a child. However, the children have been asking for a kitten for quite some time and we finally gave in to the request. As long as they take on the responsibility of her care.