The kids were so excited and thankful for a cat that at one point my middle daughter told me ‘…if I don’t’get anything else for Christmas, I will be fine.’

The day started out with my having slept in longer than usual. I drove the younger two to school then returned to get the oldest ready to drive across the street for her classes. Then I returned home to eat breakfast and get ready to not go to work. I am taking some time off for family.

We had the children’s Christmas parties at school and went to them. Afterwards we went to the downtown Whole Foods for lunch and had our not-so-usual tacos. Once again Whole Foods made changes to the menu ordering system which required our having to tell the lady behind the counter the changes we wished to make since the options were taken away. She made the changes but then did not realise we ordered five tacos as she gave us only three. Eventually we got our order and decided afterwards to look for another place for our traditional morning out with the kids.

After our tacos then the almond and chocolate croissants, we bought some fresh bread for the next few days before driving to the animal shelter to look at cats. The children found a kitten they wanted online but she turned out to be the third one they liked who was already adopted. After ten or so minutes of looking at the cats in the cages, the children found a few they liked and we left with a three-month old tabby kitten.

Once home the children were excited to have a new addition to our family. They even went to sleep with no arguments.