December seems to be a month of surprises. Today we had another surprise for the children. One which required us to drive over the dam 12 miles away. My husband stayed home to watch our new kitten whilst I went with the children to visit a lady who fosters kittens for the animal shelter. I contacted her the day before to arrange for a time to meet another little kitten. A 3-month old black Siamese.

The children wondered where we were going. I told they would just have to wait and see. As soon as we walked into the room where the lady kept the kittens, the children ran off to hold every one of them. Four of the cats were black and I wondered how the lady knew which one was which. But she did and our newest kitten had a distinctive wider face than the others.

‘Can we have three…one for each’ I heard my oldest and youngest ask me. My middle child said she is happy with two and would have been fine with one. I let them know that having one was a big deal for me so two was more than enough. We agreed on the kitten and decided to meet after the adoption papers were signed later in the week.

Once home, the children busied themselves with playing with the tabby kitten whilst I left for a few hours to get some things done. I would have preferred to stay home with the family but there were errands to run which are quicker to do alone.

The kitten had a lot of attention today but the children were arguing about their time with her. ‘Just let her be’ I heard my husband say as my son ran around after the kitten. He was excited as were the girls and it will take a while for them to learn how to share their time. Once the new kitten arrives, there will be more challenges and excitement as everyone learns to live together.