‘Mama, you have a lot of surprises for us’ I heard my middle daughter say as I prepared for breakfast this morning. She asked what we were having for breakfast. I simply told her ‘a surprise’. I like to keep my children guessing and then see the look on their faces when it is something they do not expect.

Though I would have preferred to stay in bed this morning, I knew I had to leave our place early in order to avoid the crowds. I told my older daughter she could go with me to the store before breakfast since the other two already had spent a little time with me. We set off to the Whole Foods at The Domain to buy the lamb for Christmas. My oldest and I would be eating meatless loaf instead.

We bought fresh croissants for breakfast and made one more stop at Trader Joes for food but also red spray roses which now adorn my bedroom. I am afraid if I leave the roses out on the table that the kittens would get to them.

After breakfast, I hardly spent half an hour at home as I ran back and forth and back again between stores and residences. At Costco we got a tall cat tree with sleeping areas which the kittens enjoyed. They are now starting to get used to each other and seem happy but are also mischievous. The spray bottle with water seems a good discipline tool when Lucifer climbs on the counter or the other kitten misbehaves.

My husband spent most of the afternoon with the children making presents whilst I drove in circles as I kept forgetting something at the house. Then as soon as I would get to the gate of the apartment complex, I would forget another thing I should have taken. We planned on spending Christmas at the new house but things turned out otherwise.

Tonight’s movie for movie night was another new one I just bought today. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’. The classic American Christmas movie. The children were tired and uncomfortable on the daybed with all five humans and two kittens. But one thing we noticed was that the children seem more peaceful since the arrival of the kittens.

It was a busy but productive day spent mostly in the car but we have quite a wonderful life if we really think about it. We are not wealthy in money but we have each other and make the best out of what we have. Life is truly what you make it, no matter how difficult our situation.