Today was much colder than yesterday. And it was raining. It would have been a perfect day for staying indoors but there was still more to do. I wanted to surprise the kids yet again with something for breakfast which they never have at my place so I went to Angel Donuts.

My oldest asked for donuts as a treat for Christmas but I decided this morning would be a good time for donuts. I bought a dozen assorted donuts along with donut holes. The children were grateful and happy but also full after so many unexpected treats. Everyone’s favourite was the cinnamon glazed donut followed by the Bavarian cream filled ones.

I wished we could have spent more time for breakfast but I had to be downtown at the animal shelter to pick up the second kitten so I left the house at noon in the rain. I ended up waiting close to half an hour for the veterinarian to check out the kitten and make sure she had a clean bill of health. She was given a sulfur bath in order to make sure any signs of ringworm were eliminated which ended making her smell like rotten eggs.

The kitten meowed a little during our half hour back home in the rain but I was glad to have that taken care of before Christmas. After I dropped off the smelly ‘wet black cat at home I continued on my way as there was still more to do. I went to the house to pick up the movies I took over last week when I thought we would spend the Christmas holidays at the house. Then I went to the HEB by our house and bought a movie for tonight, then Trader Joes again before returning home to the apartment.

The kittens were getting to know each other but kept their distance. In honour of the kittens name, we watched the latest episode of ‘Lucifer’. Afterwards, we watched the new movie, ‘Family Man’. Despite the long day, it was nice to have time to get done what I could not otherwise do if I had to go to work. Taking time off for family during the holidays is the true meaning of the season.