It was another nice day with the children. Other than my going to the house early this morning, it was a day of staying indoors. On my way home though, I made one more stop to Angel Donuts. I remembered my daughter wanting donuts for Christmas day but knew they would not be open on the 25th.

When I arrived, a sign stated the business was open today until 14,00 and would not reopen until the new year. Seeing how we were combining the European and American traditions of Christmas, my daughter would get donuts on Christmas day as celebrated in Europe on the 24th. They were happy to see the big white box concealing the assortment of donuts inside.

After breakfast, I went to the kitchen whilst the others went on their devices. At one point as I walked into the children’s room, I noticed all three of them sitting on the top bunk. They were playing Minecraft together as the kittens lounged in their cat tree nearby.

Later in the afternoon I set about preparing Christmas dinner. I made lamb for my husband and the youngest two whilst my oldest and I ate meatless loaf. We also had mashed potatoes and green beans. Not the typical European dinner but something different. I had planned on making a marble cheesecake but am glad I did not as nobody could eat another bite of food. But I might do so tomorrow.

After dinner I continued wrapping presents for tomorrow. This is the American part of Christmas we will celebrate this year as things did not work out quite as planned. We are flexible and know that next year we will not see the children until after Christmas so we make things work the best we can.

More classic Christmas movies followed dinner with Frosty and Rudolph. The girls watched with my husband as I showed my son how to think simply with regards to making gifts for his sisters. He was stressed about not being able to make some complicated origami object at the last minute so I helped him to understand that sometimes simplicity is best. He was happy I helped him though he was unsure his sisters would appreciate the peppermint mix hot chocolate with marshmallow treat bags with German chocolates.

Nature was kind enough to give us its yearly gift. The one of cedar allergies. She was on time this year though I hoped she would skip me and give me the gift of breathing properly for the next two months. Once again, we will have to make the best of nature’s Christmas gift.