Morning came too early as I had to go to work. I sat down to a simple breakfast alone. Šipak tea and bread with butter and sour cherry jam. I wished to have breakfast with the family but that meant I could be home earlier. Days like this I wish to find a telecommuting job.

Several times throughout the day I was nodding off whilst staring at my computer screens. I must have been really tired as this has never happened before and hoped that nobody noticed.

I tried to stay awake to the best of my abilities. During lunch I drove to Trader Joes and bought food we needed for the week as well as dark chocolate peanut butter cups. I ate a few of those in an attempt to stay awake but it did not help much. I also realised I should have bought the milk chocolate version though usually I prefer the darker version.

Then the text came from my husband. A photo message with the letter he got in the mail. One which would change the course of our future but not in the best way. I had hoped for good news for the new year but that seems not to be the case for us. In fact, everything seems to be against us and the future we had planned.

I would have preferred to have more time at home with the kids during their holidays but I have another day off tomorrow. Whatever comes our way, we will deal with it as best we can. All we can do is hope for the best whilst waiting.