I was happy to have another day off work today. My last of the year though I wished to be able to take more time to spend with family.  But without the distractions of having to worry about movers and setting up yet another place which isn’t even ours.

The new furniture was scheduled to arrive before noon so I left the apartment before 09,00 to prepare the area at the house where the furniture would be placed. I did not return home until after 12,30 which meant the family already had breakfast without me. Whilst waiting, I finished putting together the steel shelving in the garage.

It was cold in the garage so I left the door closed. But as soon as I opened it, a scorpion hurried along inching its way towards the door leading into the house. I grabbed a piece of cardboard and shoved the scorpion outside. Then I placed the cardboard on top of him and had to get rid of him.

My husband was not happy when I mentioned he needs to be careful about scorpions. He was less happy tonight after I returned from the house again and told him I saw a large raccoon running away from the front of our house.

The rest of the day was spent lounging on the daybed in the living room and binge watching the ‘Friends’ DVDs with the younger kitten curled up beside my husband. This was quite amusing for me as he never wanted a kitten in the first place and certainly not two kittens. Now he is taken by them and will spend the next week alone with them when the children return to their father’s house tomorrow at noon.

As the new year approaches, we start to think of all the things we will do better as we reflect on the past year. Certainly this year has been one of great challenges but as a friend recently reminded me, ‘no condition is permanent’. This is easier to notice in hindsight but difficult to take into consideration as we experience those challenges.

The new year will also bring with it new experiences as we make the transition to the new place. As we continue on the path towards our goals. As we live in a temporary state. As we make changes along the way with the requisite flexibility and adaptability.