Sleep was necessary. Enough to warrant my not going in to work today. I could not risk falling asleep at my desk on this last work day of the year. So, I slept in and it felt good.

A text from my middle daughter was waiting for me early this morning. She wanted me to know about her favourite Christmas present she got yesterday from her father. I wondered what it could be. I thought perhaps a kitten. No, it was an iPhone 8.

I thought how wasteful and a bad lesson for the children to have so much money spent on something they truly did not need. A 9-year old does not need an iPhone. I also found it interesting how the other day her father let my son know that he could have gone to London with the money I spent on last year’s Christmas/birthday gift of the Tower Bridge Lego set.

Opportunity costs he called them and stated the children are old enough to know about them. I wonder if he mentioned to them the opportunity costs of the phones he bought for the girls and his stepson. That with that money we could have fed the children for several months.

After my texts to my daughter, my husband and I had breakfast. The kittens were waiting at our bedroom door. They were happy that I finally awoke to feed them their breakfast. Around noon time I felt a bit better so I put a few things in the minivan to take to the house.

I managed to package up two of the kids’ mattresses and a few other things in preparation for the furniture movers tomorrow. There is much more to do but the most important is getting the heaviest of the furniture out of this apartment before the end of this year though we still have over a month left here at the apartment.

Tonight marks my last night at this apartment.