We had intended to spend the day at the house cleaning the leaves in the yard and pressure washing the garage and house. However, mother nature had different plans for us and must have heard our complaints about the weather yesterday. About it being too warm for December.

As I looked outside the dining room window this morning I saw something I had not seen in a long while. White covered the sky. Not snow, unfortunately, but thick white fog hid the high school building in the background. I went back to the bedroom to get my camera in order to capture the mesmerising beauty only fog can bring.

The camera was not there. Then I remembered I left it at the house. My husband encouraged me to drive there and get it. When I returned, I captured the naked trees amongst the fog. It reminded me of Scotland and immediately I wished to be there. My husband agreed that we should go there. I said I would live there if I could. Perhaps one day.

After a simple breakfast of Croatian coffee, which we did not have for over a week, along with baguette with brie, tomatoes, and feta, we set out to return once again for something which I should have bought yesterday. The decision turned out to be a great one as both of my daughters were happy with the results.

There was a beautiful navy blue dress which caught my eye for my older daughter's dance this Friday. It was the perfect choice for the formal winter dance and as I thought about it this morning, I was glad my husband agreed to go back to the store to get it. To my surprise, my daughter loved it. As for shoes, I will need her to accompany me to the store.

As my daughters tried on their dresses, my son put on his new pants and shirt which my husband picked out. He also liked his outfit and will be wearing it tomorrow to school.

Before the children's arrival, I set the table with the new grey placemats and red napkin as the center of our round glass dining table along with the four candles for the advent along with the fir tree clipping we got for free at Papa Noel's tree lot yesterday.

After three years of sitting at a coffee table on floor cushions, we have been sitting around a glass table since my husband's arrival in June. But I miss the simplicity of the coffee table and sitting on the floor.

As for dining chairs, my son is the only one with a chair. The girls share a bench which is not the best solution for a round table. My husband sits on a small accent table. And I sit on a box of sparkling water. But I do get a new 'chair' each week. That too will come to an end as our new dining chairs are set to arrive at our house next weekend though our table will still be at our apartment until we are set to move out completely.

The kids arrived late as usual. Ten minutes this time. They were not too hungry as they just had consumed 'a lot of cookies' at the Austin Saengerrunde. Sage at a little of the pea soup I made for him but wanted nothing to do with the Lebkuchen I bought for the first Advent. The girls ate some of the meatless loaf I made but they too were not so hungry.  

The first day or two back at our place always requires some adjustment to a new routine but this shift back to Sunday is much better than the Friday schedules as I can take my time preparing a nice homemade meal for my children. Then they are back at school tomorrow and we can plan what to do this coming weekend for the second Advent after a foggy first Advent.