Hushed voices in the back seat discussed the upcoming dance this Friday. It seems there were many breakups right before the dance. 'He left her' because of an apparent interest in another girl. Or 'she left him' for some other reason amidst rumours of something or another. Inaudible were the back seat whispers but I managed to hear a few words as I drove to our destination after school and work.

As my daughter and her friend were discussing these breakups and rules of not holding hands or kissing during the dance, I wondered how it was that children seemed to be growing up so quickly these days. Much quicker than when I was in sixth grade. I do not even remember having a dance at such a young age and certainly not discussing breakups.

I wonder what has happened to enjoying childhood without adding to it the stresses of adulthood. Children have plenty of time for relationships and learning how to deal with them properly. They should focus instead on enjoying their youth before stepping into the complicated world of grownups and the drama which ensues.

Once we got to The Domain, the girls were excited to look at dresses. I had already bought my daughter a dress this past weekend so she only needed shoes. In the end, she also got the dress she really wanted which she will wear to the next dance. Her friend chose a beautiful flowy peach dress which fit her perfectly.

Both girls were delighted and we all wished we could have spent more time out shopping.  But it is a school night and bedtime was approaching. Meanwhile, my husband was home with the other two children who were somewhat patiently waiting for my return. After a late and quick dinner of quesadillas, they went to bed.

From the back seat whispers between friends to the delight seen on the children's faces, I was happy to have been a part of this moment tonight.