Morning came early. Too early for my liking. The gentle drizzle of rain made it much more difficult to rouse myself out of bed. I would have preferred to have stayed under the warm down comforter but breakfast needed to be put on the table and the lunches needed to be made.

The younger two sleepy children sat at the table and eyed the bowl of yogurt in front of them. One wanted the pumpkin spice granola, the other preferred maple syrup. I watched the clock as they ate and wondered if they would make it out the door in time for the bus though I had already planned on driving them the short distance to school.

They surprised me when they were ready in time but I drove them to the bus stop and waited in the minivan until the bus arrived. Since it was raining, I also drove my oldest to middle school though it is directly across the street. Afterwards, I came home and got ready for work, leaving much later than I had wanted.

It was already 09,00 and I was still on the call. My husband needed to be there as well so I could not leave for work until we got some answers. Nobody had any answers for us and we are out of patience waiting for them.

As luck would have it, my supervisor was the first person I saw as I ran up the stairs. I explained why I was 11 minutes late and he apologised to me for having to deal with such issues. I am glad to have such an understanding boss but I know there will be many more issues to deal with which will warrant my having to take needless time away from work.

Truly it is unncessary what we have to deal with lately. When two adults are unable to communicate effectively, they resort to others who will speak for them. It has cost me both time and money which I could have better used for my children. In the end, it is the children who suffer. And they should not have any more time taken away from their childhood.

As the rain and more rain continued to fall, I felt it was more of a winter than the past several weeks. I spent my 30 minutes of lunch in my minivan watching some German show on my phone. It was cold but I turned on the heater for a few minutes at a time. A blanket would have been a better choice and I had forgotten I had my black blanket in the back which I used for moving. But the short time I spent alone in the car made me feel at peace. At least for a moment.