Change is never easy. When faced with change, we tend to overthink things and risk making the wrong decision. One we might regret a month or years later. We get impatient and think we need to try something new instead of getting better at something with which we already have some experience.

Sometimes staying still and listening to your inner voice will reveal the path we need to take. We simply have to be quiet and listen. And resist the urge to be impatient. Otherwise the distractions will overtake our everyday lives and we will no longer enjoy the little things. Such as a dance.

My 11-year old daughter had her first middle school dance tonight. She looked beautiful in her winter dress. Dark blue with shimmering white embroidery. She definitely stood out from amongst the others at the dance as some kids chose not to dress up.

During lunch I drove to The Domain to look for another purse option for her to have for her phone so she did not have to leave it lying around somewhere. Amidst the distraction of having to be on the phone to discuss an important issue and after using up an entire hour, I still found nothing suitable. I was disappointed but it turned out to not be much of an issue after all. She simply held onto her phone whilst she enjoyed the evening.

As I took more time during lunch than I usually do, I had to leave earlier from work in order to make it home in time to straighten my girl's hair and put on some eye makeup. She does not wear makeup but I thought it would be a nice change for this special occasion. The outcome was better than I expected it to be and she liked it as well.

After we dropped her off at the dance, we returned home until it was time to pick her up two hours later. She greatly enjoyed her time and was happy to have gone tonight. I was happy as well. I loved seeing her smile though I know things are not always easy.

There will be many more distractions coming our way but it will simply be a matter of focus. Focusing on the little things which matter and letting go of those which don't. In the end, it is how we accept the changes of life that guide our contentment. Stressing over things which we have no control will only tire us out needlessly and take away from what really matters in life.