It was a peaceful start to the new year. I spent the day alone at home. I went nowhere and it felt good not to have to drive anywhere. To not have to go to shops. To do nothing but relax.

My children texted me throughout the day and it brought me much happiness. My son wished me a happy new year told me he could not believe it was already 2018. That it did not feel like 2018. I then wondered how does a new year feel. I told my son it will be a good year. He wrote back that it will be a good year with the cats and that he will build a lot of Legos and puzzles.

I did manage to work on the house a bit but mostly stayed in bed. It was cold outside which made spending the first day of the new year indoors a good option. Tomorrow I return to work but look forward to returning home to work on the house some more. This year is the year I take my life back. When I do things which make me happy. I will do whatever it takes to make this year better than the year before and the years before that.