The end of a most tumultuous year is here. It was indeed an intense year with more changes than I ever anticipated. At the end of last year, I had hoped for a better 2017 but it turned out to be nothing more than a rollercoaster ride that I now wish to exit. My hope for this next year is more stability for both me and the children.

There are many things I wished could be different. However, life had another path for me to take and now I need to see where it will lead me next year. This new place is not my ideal house but it is a house with more space for the children. The other house was better. The one with the casita. For that I would need a different job.

One day perhaps I will have my own place and a better job. For now I will make this place our home to the best of my ability. Life is unpredictable but we have the ability to make decisions which will make for a better life. I bid farewell to 2017 and greetings to a peaceful 2018.