Friday has finally arrived and I am happy that tomorrow I will have an internet connection. The work week is over but I was quite focused today. Listening to music helped me exceed my goal which made me feel accomplished at least for one day. I was able to tune out everything and everyone else and simply focus on getting the work done.

The day was warm which made it not too bad when I left work after the sun had set. I had boxes in the car from the morning when I went to the apartment before work to drop a few things off for my husband. The lease will soon be over but still not soon enough. The apartment management has done nothing to ease this transition yet they give all kinds of incentives to new tenants just to entice them. ‘There is nothing we can do’ they keep saying. But we all know this is not true.

After work I first drove to the house to take the boxes to the garage. I then continued to the apartment to pick up the hub. Disconnecting the coax cable from the wall was pointless as it seemed to have fused to the wall connector but I am sure the internet guy will have one. It’s interesting to observe how we have become so dependent on being connected to the world. As if somehow we are missing out on something if we are disconnected even for one day. However, such is the case these days.