The second day of the year was not as good as the first. The biting cold made it difficult to leave the warmth of the house to return to work. The freezing weather was more conducive to staying indoors and fixing up the house now filled with boxes and furniture waiting to be sorted.

The move of the past weekend left me tired. Both physically and emotionally drained. The large bruise on my right thigh from the fall of the footboard of my son’s bed is still sore and now turns from blue to yellow. The pain in my right shoulder and back is piercing yet I still wish to continue with setting up this house which will be our home for more than a year.

I made it to the apartment after work to drop off food for the kittens as my husband takes care of them there whilst I take care of the house. I grabbed a few more of those little things and know there will be more trips back to the apartment over this next month until the lease is over. Yet somehow I know I must manage the great transition. It is never easy to start over in another place but at least this time I have more than a year until a possible next move.