sunset 03october2018

‘What I hate about circle clocks in Europe is that they only go up to 12’, my son proclaimed this morning at breakfast.

Interesting, I thought, then wondered if such a clock truly exists.

After coming home from work I had to know. I went to Google and discovered that ‘Yes, there are ‘circle clocks’ that go up to 24’. In fact, I found two different versions.

One version has a single string of numbers from 0 to 24 whilst another version mimics the traditional 12-hour clock but with a second row added underneath the numbers with 13-24 so as to correspond with the 12-hour clock. One thing which puzzles me is that I’m not certain how to tell the minutes on the first type of clocks.

Sometimes children have a way to make us stop and think about things which would otherwise simply pass us by in the everyday busyness of life. Things we might have at one time thought about ourselves when we were young.