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‘Hi mama…Sorry if I woke you up’, texted Cinnamon at almost 01,00. I was asleep and did not hear that or the message two hours later letting me know that they arrived at their first hotel.

‘Thank you for letting me know you arrived safely’, I wrote back when I awoke half an hour before I should have been at work. She thanked me and also let me know that she was reading a book.

‘I am reading a novel called ‘a dog’s way home’’, she wrote and let me know that it is also a movie that she really wants to see.

Yesterday I was not feeling well at work and things were not any better this morning. I decided to stay home and rest some more though I know I would need more than one day. I know that somehow I will have to make it to work tomorrow.

Throughout the day, as I was reading and resting, I received various updates on their whereabouts. My son wrote that they were going to the War Eagle Museum. Then Cinnamon texted me the same and sent me a photo of planes at the museum.

When evening came and I had come to the end of my book, Cinnamon let me know that they were finally leaving Texas and were now in New Mexico. The photo that followed was of the restaurant where she was eating shrimp which was placed in a circle around the rim of a large glass.

It made me happy to hear from them but I do wonder about my older daughter. I’ve only heard from her once. Briefly before they left for the trip. Being on the verge of becoming a teenager is not easy for any child so I can understand. In a month’s time, she will be 13. I am certain she knows I love her and will always be here for her. Just as I will for her brother and sister.

‘We just passed New Mexico. We are now in Arizona.’, texted Cinnamon shortly before midnight tonight.

Fear came over me as I imagined that tomorrow’s outing will be the Grand Canyon. My wish is that they are safe and that they have fun. No selfies please!