‘Dobro jutro! How are you three?’, I texted to the group chat during my first break of the day.

‘Cute we r in Mexico’, was the reply I received from Saffron two hours later when I was sitting outside on my lunch break eating ‘sick’ crackers and water. I was still recovering from yesterday’s bout of illness.

My son has come to refer to the Saltine crackers as ‘sick’ crackers as that is what he remembers giving to me the time I had pneumonia but thought I had the flu. Or the other times when he was sick and could eat nothing else.

‘What? How can you be in Mexico when Seena said you were in Arizona?’, I wrote back, bewildered that I was not told the children would be leaving the country. Their passports were in my possession so I knew they did not have them and wondered how they would be able to leave Mexico without both the passports and a letter of authorisation that I did not sign or was even aware of due to not knowing this supposed change of plans.

‘Nvm I was sleeping when we passed the arazona sign’, she replied to my relief.

‘Girl, you are funny’, I wrote back and was able to relax once again. I told her I missed her and that I look forward to their return. I was happy to finally hear from her and to know that she is doing well. She mentioned that the motel they stayed at last night was very nice.

For someone who was against going on a road trip, she seemed to have had a change of mind. I told her that maybe one day we will go on a road trip though I would have to figure out how to get extra time off or make the trip the summer after next as my hope is to be able to take them to Croatia next summer.

The remainder of the day was more studying in the training rooms. I was behind a day due to being out sick yesterday and wondered if I would be able to catch up. Then my eye caught the construction workers outside as they carefully and patiently raised large panes of glass.

The facade of the building was to be large panels of glass. The way this was accomplished was with some sort of suction contraption on a crane which was raised to subsequent floors where two other construction workers grabbed the glass and somehow attached them to the side of the building inside of metal framing.

For almost four months, I have been watching the construction of this new building and the neighbouring parking garage which I have found both fascinating and encouraging. If a group of workers can come together every single day and coordinate the construction of such a large building then certainly I can make it through the chapters of my book or make it through any other endeavour until completion.

Slow and steady progress, I thought. Along with patience and perseverance. This is how one succeeds. And as my eyes returned to my book, I was able to focus on the words in front of me. I thought of my children and was glad they were enjoying their drive through Arizona and that they were not in Mexico.