Getting prepared for the movers who arrive tomorrow morning was of the utmost importance today. A feat that involved shifting around boxes in both the old and new garages in addition to making space in the small apartment to accommodate furniture that would be a challenge to fit in such a space.

But before starting that work, I took a long and relaxing walk and made a hearty breakfast of kajgana with avocado, baby tomatoes, and a bagel. Since I had no avocado left to go with those creamy eggs, I made a quick trip to the grocery shop.

In addition to the one avocado, I bought a quarter of a watermelon which I noticed as I walked in through the front doors. It had been years since I had bought a watermelon and it looked so good. Especially in this summer heat.

After breakfast, I drove to the house to see what needed to be done. As soon as I walked through the house, I noticed that two lights and a fan had been left on since the realtors showed the house to a potential tenant earlier this week. I was not pleased with that seeing how I was still paying for the electric bill.

A few moments after I had arrived, I noticed someone approaching the front door. It was a real estate agent who wanted to show the house to a family of four from Colorado. The confused look on my face must have thrown him off so I proceeded to explain that I was told that I would be given a 24-hour notice to enter the house.

The agent looked through his paperwork and stated there was no mention of any notice only that the house was vacant but that furniture would still be there. I let him know that the family is certainly able to come in for a look whilst I gather a few more items to take with me. I had them leave their shoes at the front door. The agent said it would be but a moment of them looking around.

He was right. I was only a moment. The briefest moment I had ever thought could exist for determining whether a house had any chance with the family. The wife took one look at the kitchen and made up her mind that this was not the house for them. I even suggested she take a look upstairs or anywhere else. She kindly declined and did not go into any other room. Instead, she thanked me for my time and continued on her way to another listing.

I could see how the kitchen might not be appealing with the gold and brown tiled backsplash, black countertops, and outdated cabinetry along with the white, inexpensive refrigerator. Thankfully it is not my house, so I have none of those worries of not being able to rent a place. Hopefully one day. But then again, maybe I will keep renting.  

Two hours later, I was back at the house. After dinner, I went on my evening walk which ended up being a few minutes of running to that tree. The one where I could see the final moments of the sun dipping beneath the horizon. Once again, the colours were stunning and I was glad to have seen them. I then continued on my walk and returned home after an hour. A nice end to a productive Saturday.