‘You’re earlier than I expected’, I said as I opened the door, hoping to have had a little more time for last minute preparations.

‘We’ve had coffee’, replied one of the two guys walking through the door. ‘Have you had coffee’, he asked me.

‘I’ve had tea. Black tea’, I replied.

‘I see that we’ve moved you six times’, he stated as he scrolled through his iPad.

‘Yes’, I replied, not sure what else to say as I tried to calculate in my mind if that was in fact the correct amount of times. I had used another moving company for my move from the first townhouse to the first house until I found them for my subsequent moves. Today would be the sixth time, I calculated. And the second part of the move from the house to the apartment.

I proceeded to explain what they would take, pointing out that it would only be the furniture and not all of the other items I plan to take in the next two weeks. They then got to work wrapping and carrying furniture to the truck which took them about an hour.

‘Where do you want the furniture to go’, asked the loud one. A few times he had let out screams of some kind which I did not appreciate and did not find to be professional. Also, it was Sunday and it was early enough in the morning to where the neighbours might have still been sleeping.

‘Anywhere it fits’, I replied. ‘This is all the space you have to work with’, I stated as waved my arms around the small space of the living room which was already filled with furniture from the last move back in April.

They proceeded to carry in the children’s dressers, two pieces of a tall cabinet, the large red shelf with sliding doors, the queen-size mattress and box spring, the metal headboard and footboard frames from my bed, the other nightstand, and the two side pieces of the sofa which they had to store standing up and which reached within a foot of the ceiling.

Once everything that needed to go into the apartment was in, there was very little walking space left. This would be one interesting puzzle to assemble, I thought.

‘Where do you want the other items’, asked the other quiet guy.

‘Ah, that will be more challenging’, I said and then proceeded to explain that the bunk bed will need to be assembled in the garage so that I could store items within and on top of it. As for the three large metal garage shelves and the cat tree, those would fit in the remaining space with my having to figure out the organisation at a later time.

‘See you in a year or two’, said the loud once when the move was finished I had paid for the almost three hours.

‘Hopefully it will be a house next time’, I replied. The only move I intend to make next is into my own home. Of course, circumstances change and we never know what the future holds but at least we can have a plan of action. For now, I was glad to have all of the furniture, except for one small table and two mirrors I would take myself, at the apartment.

For the remainder of my Sunday, I made a smaller version of my Dutch baby pancake for breakfast, did some studying, and then took an evening walk. I was glad to have heard from my girls and to know that they were doing well. They were still in Nevada but outside of Las Vegas so I am guessing they are on their way back home. Now I will have to work quickly in order to set up our home before they arrive in close to three weeks’ time.