The front panel of the oven door fell off again this morning. The first time this had happened was shortly after we had moved in. I was baking something or possibly heating a bagel, as I was this morning, when the door front simply hung open as I pulled on the handle to open the oven.

After a few times of this happening, I figured out that if I tighten the screws inside the door as I slide the front panel under the handle that this would work for a while. And it did. Until it didn’t.

On Saturday I decided to let the leasing office know of this and other issues. I did not expect them to come inside the apartment today but someone did. I am certain that the maintenance guy was not thinking he would have to walk through a maze but he did manage to find the path to the kitchen through all of that furniture.

I had asked for a new oven. I had hoped for one. But that was clearly not going to happen. Then again, it is not as if we would be getting a gas range, so it didn’t really matter. I would prefer a gas range and oven. A convection oven. The induction stove top would have to suffice as long as we live here. Such as the leasing woes that one would not have with a house one owns. There would be other issues but at least they would be my own decisions to make.

There were two notices left on the kitchen counter which I glanced at and set aside. Both stated the reason for the entrance. One stated that the maintenance guy left the bulb to the bell light above the kitchen sink though my changing it did not help with the issue. The other stated something about ordering parts for the stove. Judging from the three screws left on the counter with one missing in the door, I am guessing it had to do with another screw.

These were only a few of the items which needed to be addressed. I would not be bringing up the refrigerator which makes a loud noise from time to time and over-cools everything inside even though the coolness levels are already adjusted to above the coldest setting. I would not be bringing up the clogged shower drain which was never unclogged when I moved in. And I would not be bringing up the lingering smell of mold by the air conditioner from the time the upstairs neighbour’s clogged air conditioner unit leaked watered into our apartment.

Somehow we will learn to deal with these and other issues until the time comes to find a place of our own. If that time ever comes. At least the oven door will be fixed before the autumn baking begins. At least we have a roof over our heads with a beautiful view which faces a nature preserve. At least we have a nice place for evening walks. We are here in this place, in this moment for a reason. The next step on this interesting journey.