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The temptation was there. To stay home and go to bed early or to go on my evening walk even though I was really tired. And I had a headache. And I could come up with a myriad of other reasons if I had wanted to talk myself out of it. But I did not. I dressed in my workout clothes and went on my walk as I had done the past week.

The walk helped my headache to some degree so I was glad that I went. It was almost 20,30 when I left the apartment and still light outside though the sun was scheduled to start its descent in about five minutes. But the bold and varied colours of nights before were nowhere to be found.

The parking lots of both schools had cars parked there. The football field in the back of the school had at least ten boys practicing. As I passed the baseball field, I noticed two people practicing batting. The tennis courts were almost completely full with people playing. I had wished I could play but I neither know how nor have the equipment to do so. It’s also not a one-person sport as yoga and biking can be so that was not an option.

When I reached the tree, I took my photo and noticed that the gates were opened to the running field.  The smaller one at my daughters’ school. I decided to jog around for one lap and expand my evening routine as long as I am able to do so. I know that once the days get shorter, I will have to readjust my schedule as I might not be able to go at the time I do now.

On the return trip home, I noticed a family of four children with their parents on the back road where I walked. Three of the children were on their scooters and it reminded me of the times I went walking with my children whilst they were riding their scooters. The fourth child was walking alongside his parents. It surprised me that so many people were out so late, enjoying their evening instead of staying indoors.

As I turned the corner, I looked up and noticed the full moon. Though I had wanted to take a photograph of it, I decided the quality of the phone would not do it justice so I simply basked in its beauty and committed the image to my memory.

When I reached the apartments, I noticed the neighbour’s belongings were still in the breezeway as they had been when I returned home from work earlier this evening. She had mentioned she was moving but stated she will remain in the apartment complex. In the next building, I believe.

Once I was inside my place, I looked at the Health app on my phone and noticed that between my walks during the day at work and the evening walk, I had managed to log 5.5 miles today. Four to five miles has been my average during the past week. All due to pushing myself beyond my comfort zone. Though I wanted nothing more than to lie down and read or sleep, I knew that I had to get out and make a change.

A change for the better requires us to break old habits and build new ones. And this starts with us taking one step at a time towards our goals.