a glimpse

The sweet sounds of music classified by iTunes as “Rap Metal” play in the background as endless rounds of stitches on hats from a bottomless basket of unfinished knitted items, that will eventually make it to the shop, are meticulously straightened. Round after round, the knitting needle picks at the yarn leaving behind a neat little line of v’s.  Perfection is a curse at times. The empty bottle of Chateau d’Arcins’ Haut- Medoc from last night stares back, only a glassful left tonight…only a puddle of reddish-purple liquid remains as a tease.

Surrounded by thousands of yards of yarn, four unique and vastly different coffee mugs holding every size needle imaginable, journals of original designs piled in one corner of the table, the now broken knitting counter lying at “00” waiting for the next project. Fans from the desktop suck in the fibers floating around in the studio. Yarn ends and half-inch yarn pieces from pom pom making litter the Persian rug behind the deep cherry hardwood dining chair borrowed from the formal dining room. Unwashed silk sari ribbons form a large pile in a corner and wait for their bath while freshwater pearls, garnets, amethyst stones, and various glass beads sit in a glass serving bowl amidst silk thread and a needle. Ideas abound, motivation lacking at times, pulled in several directions at once, and staring into the abyss.

Thoughts wander away from the task at hand. Music gets louder. The image appears…an old lady sitting in a wooden rocking chair, knitting needles clacking second after rhythmic second, a basket of cheap acrylic yarn at her feet, a fat tabby cat playfully attacking a ball of yellow yarn as her master sits rocking back and forth in front of the fire. Oh, how that image has changed in only a few short years as young women flock to well-known online shops to gather up the various thick and thin handspun yarns, wooden Surina knitting needles, to sit in front of their computers, to see what’s going on in the virtual world of Facebook, to see how they can berate their competitors. Harsh words are spoken, ties are broken, leaving behind nothing but hate and contempt. Unnecessary waste of time that could better be used to create something of beauty.

The sweet tunes of Linkin Park's various albums continue to inspire and play in the background as determination and ideas proliferate.