Game Over

Dream from 16. August 2010.

At the end of the dream, I was sitting in the passenger side of the car driving to Austin (I believe) with some tall and handsome blond guy after having participated in some fun but strange play drama where people were dressed in costumes. This guy had a red-hair wig. So, we were driving on the highway when I saw what I thought was some strange-looking lightning (“organic” lighting?). It wasn’t sharp rather smooth and curvy and white against the almost dark blue sky. I remember talking about my workshop experience with Bryan Peterson – how he came in May but then had to reschedule and that I just finished the rescheduled workshop and how fun it was. Then I started seeing patterns in the sky, as if it was sectioned off into uneven squiggly white squares. The sky became more and more white. All of a sudden, our car jetted ahead and plunged into what appeared a “black” hole – although it was white all around us. This went on for a little while until we stopped and a man handed us some card through the driver’s side window and told us “Game over”! At this point, it was apparent that we were dying, so I grabbed his hand…that’s when I woke up.


Now to backtrack to before the end before I forget…I was involved in some kind of photography group shooting. The details are sketchy but there are a few things that I remember: burrs stuck in a dark navy blue t-shirt hanging on a closet rod full of other jackets and shirts (possibly from one of the photoshoots), me handing one of the girls from the group my phone number to call me when she heads out on another shoot, riding in an elevator to drop off my husband at some meeting where he was speaking, sitting in some room with some guys, involved in some “play” where people dressed up in costumes and went from room to room (in a building next to a park) dancing and running around where I met the guy in the end of the dream after possibly having been involved with some other guy. The guy was wearing a red wig, but turned out to be blond.

That’s all I remember as of now.