Maiden Voyage

Dream from 1. February 2012.

Jolted out of bed around 5h this morning, jaws sore as a result of clenching my teeth, from a most awful dream sequence, the last being a surreal Donnie Darko moment where I was walking in through some Croatian town under a large green fig tree which produced fruit nowhere resembling a fig rather some large fuzzy round green fruit about 5” in diameter. Then I look up and in slow motion see this green object coming to the ground. As I catch it, I realize it was the baby water bottle that my son now uses. A long scream ensues and I start seeing other objects falling around in the sky. I get a seemingly cold, heartless email stating that it’s inevitable in a maiden voyage of a plane.

Earlier, I was sitting in the plane and someone had apparently messed with the brake lines. The pilots discovered it and fixed the issue. Seemingly, there were other problems. I remember being against getting on the plane. I remember scrubbing with a small brush some round metal mesh object that was, in the dream, part of the brakes. I do not recall anyone getting on board as my dream had fast forwarded to my strolling through that Croatian town where somehow the name “Gospa od Carmena” came up and where I started to get hope that maybe, just maybe, there might be a miracle.

Before that dream, there was another dream dealing with death and fire and people being consumed with fire.

I just wanted to write this down as I know that dreams fade in the morning and I would soon forget some details.