Do You Like to Cook?


those food people

those bloggers

how I do not like

those Internet cloggers


Look here

no, look over here

wait, what about me

come see, come see


would you like

to learn to cook

would you like

to write a book?


would you like

to snap your meal

with this pricey camera

it’s a steal!


I do not like

 to cook, I say

not at night

not in the day


would you like

to learn to cook

from a book

a blog or

3x5 note card?


not with a book

not from a blog

not from a simple

grocery store card


would you like to cook

with kids and me

or a Food Network

tv celebrity?


not with the kids

not with a “pro”

get out of my kitchen

just get out and go!


would you like

to write a book

like Cook 1

and Cook 2?


do you want

that certain style

that’s been out

for a while?


or have you

something new to share

tell me, tell me

do you dare?


I will not

write a book

I do not

like that look


I will not buy

a cup, a dish

a useless plate

for some poached fish


would you like to go

to anthropologie,

sur la table,

and Z gallerie?


I do not

need to shop

get out, get out

and make it stop!


would you like

to shoot your meal

in a pretty bowl

on boards of pine

a splash of color

on the side?


not in a bowl

not on white boards

not with bright fabrics

just get out and go!


Do it, do it

and you’ll see

follow my blog

and you will need…


that cup,

a dish,

a bowl,

a towel,

a mandoline,


and layer cake dowel

the fabric

the burlap

white paint

and boards

and let’s not forget

the books

oh, lord!


fine, fine

if you say

I will try it

this fine day


I will try it

if you may

then please, oh please

just go away



that bowl’s divine

the food sublime

I might just need

that plate or two


the lens you use

I need as well

perhaps that table

you could sell


I will learn to cook

from a book, a blog,

and even from 

a 3x5 card


I will buy a camera

with lenses galore

now tell me…

do I need more?


I will buy the bowls

the cups and plates

the books and boards

and off-white paint


I will write a book

as Cook 1 and Cook 2

I will buy Photoshop

and Lightroom too


I will post large photos

of food that I make

I will make it look real

and not so fake


I will post recipes

found in abundance online

change three ingredients

now they’re all mine


So, do I like to cook?

why yes

Will I write a book?

Oh, sure!


do I like to write?

certainly, I say

I will gladly write

all night and all day


So, I will write

 on my site

I will cook

what I want

I will share

recipes and photos,

and use really cool fonts


Yes, I do like to cook

I will write my own book

I will cook with my kids

I will have my own look.