A MOMENT SO BRIEF (April Poem-A-Day Challenge - Day 2...Visitor)


I did not expect

to hear from you today

I did not wish to listen

to what you had to say


For a moment so brief

you knocked at my door

pushed so hard

I ended up on the floor


Unexpected as your visit

had been this noon

I was not ready

to leave so soon


The car in my rear mirror

coming ever so nearer

the one before me

its motion slowing


To my left

another approaches

in an instant

death encroaches


With all my might

I turn aside

though you had hoped

that I had died


I managed to shut

the door in your face

claim my own life

put you in your place


I wish not to see you

especially today

with my three kids

I would rather play


I yearn to cook dinner

and clean dirty dishes

a new morning to see

as one of my first wishes.



***Inspired by a near collision today on the freeway driving home.