chocolate torte 3

'Mama, you lied!' I heard Sage say as he eyed the flourless chocolate torte on his plate.

'You said you always need flour to make a cake' he continued as he explained his accusation. It is true that at one point I told the children the main ingredients for a cake include flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. But in the case of a flourless torte or a soufflé, this was the exception. He seemed satisfied with this answer and continued with the eating of his cake.

'It feels like a chocolate pillow' he commented as he took a bite with the whipped cream. I asked all three children what the cake tasted like and all three replied 'like your brownies'.

The recipe was the third version of the flourless chocolate torte I made close to four years ago. For this version I used five eggs instead of six, less butter, replaced the dark brown muscavado sugar with the light brown version, omitted the vanilla extract and cream of tartar along with the vanilla bean and cocoa powder, and baked the torte in a ceramic pie dish instead of a springform pan.

The result was a creamy chocolate torte perfect for our Sunday dessert.