Countdown to Christmas...Day 1

Wooden Advent Train from Oma

December 1st... the start of the big countdown to Christmas and the first day of opening one box each of two advent calendars this year.

The first is the Advent Train that the kids received from Oma last year. It is a beautiful 3-piece wooden train with 24 drawers that get filled with candies. The drawers are quite small but we try to be as creative as possible when choosing a treat for each of the kids.


  The first day brought three Kinder chocolates 

Little sister eagerly awaiting her piece of chocolate.

Meanwhile, Sagey was sleeping away the afternoon.


We waited a couple of hours until the sun was about to set in order to open the first box of the Playmobil Advent set that Oma sent the children this year.


It's a mailbox Day 1 is complete