Countdown to Christmas...Day 3

It's been over two years since the girls started going to German preschool on Saturdays - a routine that, for the first year, consisted of dropping off the oldest (with both girls attending the following year) and then spending the two hours while they were in school enjoying coffee with my husband and son at a nearby local coffee shop. Today was the last day of the Winter semester and the last day that they will most likely attend. In a way, it's sad to see this routine end, but I'm sure we'll all be glad to get back our Saturday mornings where we can sleep in and not have to rush for the sixth day in a row during the week.

The weather today was perfect for staying indoors...cloudy, rainy, and colder than usual. As soon as we returned home, the children were excited to see what the next boxes would bring them.




"I wonder what's in the box..."

 Haribo gummy letters...W, F, J

 I think Sagey's more excited about the food treats than he is about the toys.

  Oh, those little hands! My Seena is growing up. It was Seena's turn to open up the box from the Playmobil set. Day 1 brought the mailbox while day 2 brought the letters for the mailbox. What would today's box bring to the small Playmobil Christmas town?

Mail bag for the letters

 It's a mail bag for the letters and packages that the postman would bring to the people of Playmobil town.

The Christmas town is slowly coming to life.