THE DAILY TABLE::A Tale of Two Kitties


Every morning, without fail, Cat waits by the back door. This morning she had company. Later in the day I discovered more company.

Cat is the unofficial name of the stray (or lost/abandoned) cat who appeared in our backyard almost two months ago late one night. The grayish one with the white hind leg. We fed it once. It kept coming back. My husband kept insisting on feeding it, so we bought cat food and extra milk. Earlier and earlier it arrived until it was waiting by the back door before I'd even awoken. It's an outdoor cat who wants to be an indoor cat. Why not take it in? Allergies. If there's anyone looking to adopt a momma cat with two kittens, please let me know.

Yes, two kittens introduced themselves today. I would guess they're about 3-4 weeks old, if not older. They jump around and play and are curious about their surroundings. Cat kept hissing and growling at me throughout the day as I went outside to feed it. A mother protecting her babies. Even the babies already know how to hiss and defend themselves - unlike helpless human newborns. I watched the feisty one play with Cat's tail. Then it was chasing its own tail. At one point momma cat had enough and jumped up on the patio lounge chair to have some "alone" time. Not unlike humans.

My two little ones were home today while Saffron was at school. They played various games. Or, I should say, they took out one game after another and distributed the pieces all over the floor. Yes, dear husband, I made them clean it up.

Sagey wasn't feeling well and thus skipped dinner. Saffron also didn't have too much of an appetite for the puffy pancake (aka Dutch Baby) and ate a fraction of what she usually does. Cinnamon had enough of an appetite for both of them.

I hope my little ones escape the sicknesses that plagued us all last winter. The ones that started the day before Thanksgiving and lasted through Christmas. That was no fun.

Tomorrow is Halloween.