No "merci"

I decided to turn my {Day 10} photo into a short post...

My husband brought me these chocolates yesterday (there are 20 in a package), took one and left the rest on the kitchen island as he went upstairs. Within about five minutes, while I was at my computer, this was all that was left thanks to my almost 3-year old son and two daughters (mostly my son though). They didn't even leave me the best one...the Hazelnut-Almond.

Sure, the Hazelnut-Nougat is there, but I had my heart set on the Hazelnut-Almond - the one with the green band. Needless to say, the oldest was sent to her room for not stopping her brother as she watched him inhale one chocolate after the other. She's the oldest, she should know better. The way I finally found out was that Saffron came to my room and told me that Sagey ate almost all of the chocolates.

"Really? So, you just watched him eat them?"

"Well, I tried taking them away but he just kept eating them."

When I walked into the kitchen, Sagey and Cinnamon were still sitting at the table, with Sagey quickly eating the last chocolate in front of him before I could take it away. I looked inside of the garbage can and noticed a handful of wrappers. All three children were immediately sent to the rooms - Saffi upstairs and the other two downstairs.

Lesson learned: do not leave chocolate lying anywhere within reach of the children. I was amazed at quickly my son devoured most of the chocolates in this box. That boy can certainly eat when it comes to chocolates.