That's how old our oldest is today. She was really excited to turn six.

When we arrived at Oma's, we noticed that presents were nicely placed on the "birthday table". A smaller table for the siblings also had presents on them. I had stopped by earlier with Saffi's cake since it was decided last night that we'd be eating cake for breakfast...apparently another German tradition.

Saffi and her siblings took their time to open the presents. Coffee was getting cold and the cake was waiting to be eaten. Ok, I was ready to eat cake. I made the mistake of giving them a bag of high quality German chocolates. The Kinder egg they ate with bread. Yeah, just like Papa eats the marshmallow treats with bread. Since the children were getting full, the cake would have to wait until later in the day.

We first put together the Ravensburger puzzle to use with the Tip Toi pen-like device. Then it was the playmobil kitchen set which the children and me enjoyed working on most of the evening. The puppet theatre was next. The back home to finally eat Saffi's cake.