Saturday morning is the big farmer's market at Karl-August-Platz in Charlottenburg in Berlin. Ive gone every Wednesday and every Saturday since we arrived here nearly three weeks ago. I buy quail eggs from one particular vendor. She sells a dozen for 2,20€. Our family can eat two dozen at one sitting. Early this morning, I bought 4 dozen eggs from that vendor. I've not been able to find any quail eggs back home in Austin, Texas so we're enjoying them as much as possible while here. I don't like thinking that we have only two farmer's markets days before we leave for home.

We ate only a dozen quail eggs this morning at Oma's place for breakfast even though the kids wanted more. After breakfast, I took Sagey back to the farmer's market where we walked around at least 4 times. Sagey sang the entire time. My boy sings well. People were looking at him and smiling. He had a smile on his face and enjoyed his time with his mama.

We dropped off the veggies at the apartment and headed to Kardstadt for some ricotta cheese. Back at the dungeon, I embarked on a new journey...that of making scones. They turned out much better than I'd expected but I still want to tweak the formula a bit. I'd like to increase the percentage of fat and sugar for this particular flavour, but I'd also like to work on different flavours. My kids are requesting vanilla scones. Perhaps I'll make those tomorrow.

Around 13:40, I headed across the street to drop Sagey off at Oma's. My husband and I were on our way to the far part of East Berlin to see a movie. This particular movie was called "Pommes Essen". Translated in English, it means "eating fries". It was an interesting foodie movie which I believe would be well received in the States.

In the movie, a young girl has dreams of seeing the world and working in restaurants in large cities, unlike her own poor city. She lives with her two younger sisters and single mom in a small apartment. The mom inherited the family business of a food truck selling curry wurst with a special secret sauce. The uncle, who owns "Pommes King", is busy trying to reverse engineer the secret sauce so that he could win the place of sole stadium distributor of stadium food. In the meantime, the oldest daughter got an internship at a prestigious restaurant in Düsseldorf at the same time that her mother had gone on a three week leave due to a work accident where she burned her hand.

The girls had to fend for themselves - particularly the younger two who ended up burning down their mother's food truck. Even my husband, not a foodie, liked the movie. Feel free to Google it to see the film trailer.

After the movie, we walked around looking for a place to eat. We stumbled upon a cafe where we had baguette sandwiches with great flavours. Mine was made with grilled chicken with a mango curry sauce. Delicious!

A short walk later, and my trying to take photos while my husband complained that I stopped too often, and we were back on the subway on our way to Oma's. While waiting for dinner, I wrote up a preliminary recipe for another chocolate cake. My husband, in the meantime, was finishing up the television project (new tv bolted to wall).

It was a lovely foodie filled day!

Making scones for first time. Seeing a movie.