Tough Sagey::Three Stitches Later

IMG_9873-1 logo15march2013.jpg

"Tough Sagey". That was the title of the email I received from my husband yesterday evening as I took a couple hours off for myself to go downtown and experience the craziness of SXSW. "He had a little stair incident" was the first line of the short email, followed by letting me know they were now at the store getting ice cream.

I was already walking back to the car when I heard the ding of the iPhone. Then I saw the "before stitches/after stitches" diptych photo and was horrified. Part of me was glad I wasn't there when Sagey appeared at our door...bloodstained and confused, but not crying. My husband immediately grabbed all three kids and rushed them to the nearby MedSpring Urgent Care clinic where they stitched him up - without anesthetics (not the doctor's recommendation).

Three stitches later, he appears to be doing fine. He got ice cream and little yellow toy tractors for his pain and thought it was "lely nice" (Sagey translation: "very nice") that Papa also got him a wooden puzzle with elephants on it (notice his head is resting on his elephant pillow).

Yes, I am very proud of my little boy.