"You know what I'm going to do while you're in Glasgow for two weeks?"

"I'm going?!" I wasn't really paying too much attention to what was said after that. I also never thought about going for two weeks. One, maybe. Two sounds better though.

The possibility of my taking that dream trip to Glasgow alone, or anywhere really, is showing a flicker of reality. The power of self-fulfilling prophecy or that tendency towards persistence? Talk about things long enough and that dream might become your reality.

fly high dream big

Of course nothing is set in stone as one never knows if something will happen in the meantime to change the course of the plans. Life is strange that way. My father planned on traveling when he retired. His health declined for about a decade before he died at the age of 59. The diagnosis was "Lewy bodies with Pick's disease.  So, you never know when your time will come and you should try to realise that dream sooner rather than when 'later' becomes 'too late'.

This morning I started planning my virtual trip - you know, in the off chance that I went. I found a potential hotel and started studying the map of the UK. I've always wanted to see Edinburgh Castle and didn't realize it was only an hour's drive away from Glasgow. So, that is on my list of places to see. Another is the Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park...and more castles. People watching, a lot of walking, visiting bookstores. A true adventure as I know nothing about Scotland - besides men wearing kilts and the beautiful highlands.

I guess the first step, and the reason this all started, is to buy that concert ticket. Even if I don't end up going for some reason, I lose only the cost of that ticket. As always, I'm skeptical and will for now plan this trip as a dream trip. Once I buy that plane ticket, however, that dream will turn into reality. Unless I somehow manage to talk myself out of it.