tealights blurred

Doubt. Uncertainty. Ambiguity. There will be times in our lives when we must ponder what lies ahead of us as a result of choosing one path over another in the face of life-changing decisions. When we must acknowledge the dark ominous clouds which follow us throughout the day casting shadows of disbelief and apprehension, influencing those decisions. When the choices often are obscured by obstacles out of our control such as emotions as opposed to rationale.

The reluctance to move forward is furthered by fear of the unknown. Faced with an impending fork in the road, we are prompted to make a choice. Seconds of hesitation tick away as the moment approaches. The decision to take one path precludes the option to select the other and thus obstructs the revelation of the outcome of the path not taken.  Knowledge of the result of choosing one path over the other would be ideal but quixotic. Nonetheless, a decision needs to be made.

Those in our lives might observe our hesitation as we ponder the consequences, offering words of seeming encouragement which further serve to confuse our already confused minds. They might hasten our decisions with their words of advice, but decisions made in haste are seldom ones most ideal and are likely to end in regret. Regrets which may result in a lifetime of missed opportunities. Thoughtful consideration might not be an option as continued prompting puts pressure on us to simply make a decision - any decision.

Some might argue decisions made in haste are better than no decision at all. Whereas a decision to make no decision might be ideal for some, it is not for others as complexities of the mind come to play when faced with uncertainty. Complexities which are not easily resolved and grow more intricate as multiple options present themselves. Albeit one answer might seem simple and desirable, not all things desirable are practical no matter how we wish them to be. If the veil of obscurity would somehow be lifted to reveal the impact of the decision, mysteries would cease and would bring along an alleviated anxiousness. 

Time is our enemy. With every passing second, uncertainties are added to the complexities already encompassing our thoughts. The choice of one path over the other sets into motion a future which might yield favourable outcomes or unfavourable ones. Whichever choice we make must be embraced as we move forward.

From the lyrics of Pascal Pinon's song, "Somewhere":

"Cherish and embrace it
appreciate the time we got
I ask you to forget me not
someday somewhere."