C33 M33 Y33

sage reflection bw

The weather today was unlike previous days this past week. Rain, thunder, and lightning graced most of the hours this Saturday. It was predominantly grey and would have made for a perfect day to stay indoors and watch the rain from inside a warm home.

I imagined being in Ireland as this type of weather is typical any day of the week, all year long. I could picture myself at my boyfriend's place in Ennis watching the rain through the window in the living room as we sat on the couch watching reruns of Friends. Soon, I remind myself. But soon is never soon enough. Eleven weeks seems so far away.

Sage and I spent most of today outside the house. The gym was first on our list this morning. I dropped off Sage at the children's gym downstairs whilst I went upstairs to workout. When we returned home, we enjoyed the challah bread from yesterday. Bread with butter and honey. Simple, yet so good.

After breakfast, we headed out to Costco. My oldest daughter called as we parked the minivan and we chatted for a few minutes before going inside the store. As we were gathering the items in our cart, we heard the rain and thunder getting stronger. Once outside we were not alone in waiting for the rain to subside before making a mad dash to our car.

Our final stop was Terra Toys. Sage wanted a game; albeit after almost an hour in the store he still did not find anything to his liking. I had a few suggestions but none were acceptable. One of the games I suggested was a 3D puzzle involving colourful cubes which needed to be assembled before being put together into a particular colour combination. He settled on that game at the last minute as I informed him we would be leaving with no game.

colourful cubes 3d

Out of the 128 half-cube pieces, we managed to assemble four cubes. I assembled two of those cubes and kept wondering if I should return the game. Clicking the two pieces together proved frustrating as one needs to apply force by bending the plastic slightly in order for the two halves to form a cube. Sage's first assembled cube was the grey one - the one marked with the CMY colour code of C33 M33 Y33. He let me know his favourite colour is grey 'because elephants are grey and I love elephants', he explained.

As Sage attempted assembling subsequent cubes, I heard him read the letters and numbers on the pieces as he was analysing which pieces fit together. His persistence is astounding as is his attention to detail. Which is why I believe he would be a great builder when he grows up. He seems to take after my father in that sense.

'When I'm a worker, I will build you a house' I heard Sage say as we pulled into the driveway of our townhome complex. He went on to let me know it will be nice and will have flowers. Later, as we snuggled on his bed, he continued to tell me about the house. It will have five bedrooms. I told him it had to have a large kitchen with two ovens so we can do a lot of baking. He then told me how much he liked spending time alone with me.

grey cube 3d

As we lay on the bed with my holding my Sage tightly, I told him how he often would lie as such on me as a baby. 'I wish I was a baby' Sage then exclaimed. I asked him why and he replied 'Because I don't have to clean up...but also because I love being a baby.' Somehow I believe he knows he will always be my baby boy.