red wall white tree

The last day of my stay here is the last of this year. There are certain feelings which both of us experience as we know this dreaded day has come. Words often are left unspoken. It might appear at times one of us is upset, but it is not the case. Having to leave again is the part upsetting us both and realising our being together proves more of a challenge for us than other couples.

I joined him on the couch for his Liverpool game. Soccer, or football as they call it here, is something I can watch. I know I can never be with someone who is an American football fan. American football and baseball are two sports I have never been able to get into. I realise it makes me very un-American but I was raised Croatian and did not grow up being exposed to typical American sports. I fondly remember my father watching soccer, tennis, and ice hockey.

We took a walk after the game as I looked for something new to photograph. White bare trees against a reddish coloured wall was a pleasant find. The streets were crowded with seemingly everyone in town out for a day of shopping and eating out. The street Christmas lights were lit and a happy feeling filled the air. Happy but not happy in our case. The last day is never long enough and we already plan for things to do on our next visit.

There was another game playing in the background as he prepared dinner. At one point I asked him why the players were allowed to grab the shirts of other players and push each other out of the way to take the soccer ball. I likened it to how kids fight over the ball as they play. He tried explaining that rules are sometimes lax in big games as the English Premier League. I'm still learning.

A quiet day at home together is something we need at times.