night tree

Six am. Wide awake and cannot sleep. He comes up with the crazy idea of taking a walk at 6am. The streets are empty. Andy's bakery has a car parked outside and two people are busy in the back baking bread for this popular Polish bakery just around the corner from my boyfriend's flat.

My boyfriend suggests I take my camera for some early morning shots. It turned out to be a good idea. The Christmas displays were beautiful.

It's nice to have someone notice your interests and encourage them.

christmas window 6am

The early morning was peaceful. Not a soul in least for a while. After almost an hour, we return home and try sleeping again. But not before bouts of uncontrollable laughter. If someone can make you laugh and smile...well, that is the best combination. Thankfully, it was successful as I was asleep until 10am.

Day four of my trip albeit it seems as if I've been here forever. Or at least have never left. Later that afternoon we agree to meet as Suas Coffeehouse. A memorable afternoon. I asked for the coffee to be made extra hot.

He arrived a few minutes after I sat down and ordered our coffees - a cappuccino for me and a latte for him. And another fruit scone. I've come to enjoy sitting by the window. Talking and more talking and............... yes.

old ground 6am

A memorable day before he returns to work tomorrow.