The community is covered with rosemary bushes. They thrive in the Texas sun. The fragrance is overwhelming - in a good way - and whenever I take a walk with the kids, they always stop to pick a few needles to eat.

As I walked this evening the 10+ minutes to my old home, I noticed the rosemary bushes but did not stop to admire them. I continued towards my destination as the evening drew to a close and the pink sky faded to blue. I needed to drop off some photos and stickers for Cinnamon's school project and a new backpack for Sage. I wasn't sure he'd like it, but he was so thankful and happy about it. And I was happy to see them - if only for a while.

Change is difficult. Moving forward is not easy, but necessary in order to grow. As we get settled into a comfortable life, we often are unwilling to take the next step. The step that will propel us forward to something better - to new experiences and opportunities and new connections. Resistance to change will get you nowhere but where you are now. No one can tell you when to take the next step forward into the unknown. The power is in your hands.