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A bit of last minute indulgence at the hair salon today and a strange dinner coincidence. Not something that happens often on either account.

Growing up with a hairdresser, I was lucky to have my hair cut whenever needed. For years, I observed my cousin work her magic with the scissors and noted the sequence of a simple cut. After moving away to college, I purchased a pair of hairdresser's scissors and trimmed my own hair without the hassle and money of booking a professional.

One day, before my 8th grade graduation, I had this "great" idea to go to Supercuts instead of having my cousin cut my hair. That was a mistake I will never forget as I walked into line for the graduation ceremony with a mullet haircut. After that miserable experience, I let my cousin continue cutting my hair as long as I lived in LA. Even when I moved away to Chico for university, I would go to her during my holiday visits.

So today, I decided not to purchase another pair of hairdresser's scissors and let a professional cut away. But only a little as I wished not to return the my pixie cut from a dozen years ago.

After the hair appointment, I returned a call to my ex who informed me he was making halibut for dinner. Quite the coincidence since I had also purchased halibut prior to my afternoon appointment. Even stranger was when he mentioned having potatoes alongside the fish. I was also having potatoes. Baby potatoes. And not any baby potatoes, but the tri-coloured ones from Whole Foods. From strange to bizarre, he informed me those were the exact potatoes he was making.


I was experimenting with an idea for Sunday's dinner menu. Seeing how we both had the same meal already, I will have to change the baby potatoes to mashed potatoes and add carrots and broccoli with onions as the veggies instead of the spicy chard I had tonight. I'm certain the chard he did not make, but it was a strange coincidence indeed.

halibut dinner