luxe beanie pearl

On the edge of my bed, I sat and read the email I received from my son's kindergarten teacher informing us of the upcoming show-and-tell. I read it three times to be sure I was seeing what was in front of me on the iPhone screen. An uneasy feeling came over me. I sat there aghast at the words staring back at me in black and white: "no weapons". What?! How has it come to the point where we need to instruct parents to make sure weapons are not part of the items going into children's backpacks?

I understand we live in Texas, but this is preposterous. Should I be worried? Or move back to California or out of the country even? What has this world come to that I need such a reminder? I hope there is nothing to worry about, but the truth is it happens. You read about stories of children bringing weapons to school and you have to wonder why. How does this happen?

What does any of this have to do with the hat in the above photo? Nothing. This afternoon I was enjoying photographing my work...the newborn hats and cocoons I hand knit for newborn photographers. The initial title of this post was to be "Finding the Light" - as I was trying to get used to a new studio and finding the right time of day to get nice natural light.

Then I was distracted by the email and my thoughts turned elsewhere - to worry and concern for my children. From before birth to forever, we want the best for our children. We put our trust in others as we let go of their hand in the morning as they board the bus and hope they return safely to us in the afternoon. The words "no weapons" should never even enter our minds. Ever.