sage smiles

'I wanna go swimming', Cinnamon exclaimed as she climbed into the minivan after school. With the temperatures today having reached 26 degrees Celsius, I could understand why she wanted to go to her lesson. What I could not comprehend is why it was so warm in January. It felt as though the winter days were behind us.

Nature was seemingly taunting those of us who would love to spend time outdoors but end up paying the consequences during these winter months of cedar fever. I agreed to take Cinnamon swimming but stayed in the car with Sage during the 45 minutes of her lesson. Sage told me he did not wish to go outside so I would not get sick.

Whilst his sister was swimming, Sage sat next to me on the passenger seat and worked on his reading. He went through all four columns of his sight words - those for both kindergarteners and first graders. He needed help on some of the words but made it all the way to the end with great determination. I let him know how proud I was of him and his progress.

sight words

Cinnamon enjoyed her lesson and her new one-piece swimsuit. The sun was shining brightly and I wished we could have stayed outside for a while. Once inside our house, I had Cinnamon shower first, followed by Sage. I took a shower as well in order to wash off any pollen that might have made its way on me. It seems silly to do such things, but when you live in Central Texas these routines are necessary during the winter months.

seenas new swimsuit

Though I realise winter is not truly 'vorbei', I long for the day it will pass and make way for spring. I eagerly await the days I no longer have to worry about pollen or the unpleasant effects - the watery and itchy eyes, puffy face, runny nose, and forever feeling tired. At least I will have some relief next week when I arrive in Ireland where I know winter is still very much winter.