january 6th sunset

There was nothing complicated about today. Nothing. I awoke around 9am which I consider to be sleeping in. No gym today. No getting in the car to go anywhere. Just enjoying quiet time on this simple Tuesday.

A shower was first on my agenda for today, followed by a healthy breakfast. Sparkling water instead of coffee this morning. I checked for any messages from my boyfriend. There were none as he had a day off and had needed much rest to recover from an illness he had since late last week.

Breakfast consisted of sliced red chard leaves sautéed with butter and sliced shallots, seasoned with salt. As the egg fried, I sliced the green bell peppers and baby tomatoes. The tomatoes I topped with Greek feta and sea salt. Smoked Gouda, avocado, and Kalamata olives also made it to the plate alongside the sunny side up egg and red chard. 

red chard breakfast

After breakfast I spoke with my boyfriend for a short while with more talks throughout the day. He was able to chat with Saffron for a while but I was unable to see them as my Skype app needed updating. In vain I tried to update the app as the account my iPad was set up on was no longer available to me.

I spent more time than I would have liked on trying to resolve the issue of the old Apple ID showing up every time I tried to update the Skype app. I even spoke with an Apple support person who did not seem to be sure of herself or what would happen when I connected my device to iTunes with a new account. I asked her if all of the information would be lost. She thought it might but wasn't sure. Her insight was not too helpful to me.

Looking for a new place to live was next on my agenda for today. My lease expires in April but I must give my notice to the landlord in March which gives me little time to find another place for us to live. Affordable housing is not easy to come by in Austin, especially the closer to downtown one gets. My options are not many, particularly with no employment. Finding a job which will allow me to work around my children's schedules has proven difficult thus far.

The housing search proved unsuccessful. Frustration abounds as I try to figure out what to do. Saffron expressed her desire today to remain in the school she's been attending since first grade. Not wishing to move away from her best friend, she told me not to move out of Cedar Park so that she may continue to attend the school with her friend.

Preparations for dinner began shortly before 17h. I set a small pot on the stove and boiled some tri-coloured baby potatoes. Meanwhile, I sautéed half a sliced onion in olive oil whilst seasoning the sea bass. Lime zest and grated ginger, along with Urfa red chilies and sea salt, were the seasonings. Fish, potatoes, cucumbers, and Honeycrisp apples made for a tasty dinner despite having nobody with whom to share it.

My boyfriend and I were back on Skype after my dinner. He was watching the Depeche Mode Exciter Tour in Paris DVD and we ended up watching together as he turned his laptop to face the television. Our love for the music of Depeche Mode is something we will always share, as it is what brought us together in the first place.

As the evening continued and the wine took its effect on me, I found myself closing my eyes. He called out to me at one point as I dozed off for a minute or two. I didn't want our time together to end but I could no longer stay awake. We said goodbye and I fell asleep for an hour or two. 

spanish wine

Later, after I awoke, I realised this was one of the few times there was no goodnight message waiting on my phone. My apologies, but I was too tired. Long distance relationships are challenging in many ways but soon we will see each other again, even if for a short while.