october sunset 107

The bright reddish-orange ball in the distance tantalised me with its beauty. As I drove past the first stop light, I wondered if the black Ford truck in front of me would make the second light. I had let him drive past me as I waited at the stop sign by my house and hoped he would have continued straight instead of turning left into my old community. He did not.

sunset sky 107

Three minutes it takes me to drive to the place I used to live last year. The place where the sun dips down behind the hills each night. It took me four minutes this time. Though I had been watching the clock during our daily Skype session, I realised I should have calculated an extra five minutes in order to capture the sun setting instead of simply capturing the sun's last glow.

grass in sunset

By the time I had parked the car, ran outside with my camera, and adjusted the camera's manual settings, the bright reddish-orange ball had said goodnight. All was not lost, however, as I was able to record the most enchanting colours of a warm October sunset. As I gazed upon this splendid display of nature, I knew I will forever be amazed by its beauty as no two sunsets are ever alike.