seena sophie mouse

Today was better than yesterday. There was no sock throwing incident from Cinnamon as there was yesterday morning. Each child was dressed and ready to go when needed. I thanked the children for getting ready on time and out the door on their short walk to school.

Breakfast was simple. Special K cereal with whole milk. Sometimes I cannot wait for the children's tastes to develop so we can enjoy a more hearty meal in the morning. But I figure cereal is better than nothing and it is quick.

Yesterday morning's yogurt fiasco with Sage taking over half an hour to eat a mere four ounces of his 6-ounce container of blueberry yogurt was enough to discourage me from ever buying them yogurt again. His having mixed granola into the container made it impossible for me to save the remaining two ounces for anytime later.

I drove to Trader Joes for feta and ended up buying Pferrnüsse and chocolate mint stars which we enjoyed as our after school snack. Somehow I lack the motivation for baking this holiday season thus far. Certainly a large kitchen such as the one at the cottage in Greyabbey provides for a more conducive environment for baking. But there is no such kitchen here and will not be for a while.

Cinnamon's new Sophie Mouse book arrived before the three came home from school this afternoon. She read most of it before going to sleep. I continued working on homework with Sage. He wished to keep going after having completed all of his work for this week so we ended up doing half of next week's homework after dinner which included Sage reading A Fish out of Water again for one of his language arts modules.

Though I had planned to make pizza dough for dinner tonight, I ended up with a simpler meal. Rice and beans with chips, avocado, and sour cream. The children like it and I like the fact their bellies are full of healthy food before bedtime.

One good day after two not-so-good days was progress, I figured. All we can do is to make the best out of today and hope for a better tomorrow.