With it being the weekend, I had hoped to be able to sleep in if only for an hour or two longer than usual. Unfortunately, I could not sleep yet again and was awake by 05,30h. We waited until noon to be able to leave the house. With temperatures below freezing, at -1 degrees Celsius, I feared the streets would be too dangerous. Mostly I feared the other drivers.

In the meantime, Saffron and I ate breakfast. The leftover meatless loaf from last night's dinner and bread with butter and sour cherry jam. I also made coffee but somehow it did not taste as good as I remembered. It had been a while since I drank my strong Croatian coffee. The downstairs area was so cold that we shivered as we ate but somehow got used to it. Soon after, we both went upstairs where it was warmer. My daughter crawled under the covers in her bed and I retreated to my warm bedroom.

Saffron ended up staying with me last night only to return to her father's house this afternoon so she could go to the rodeo with her siblings tomorrow. She will return to my place Monday after school for the rest of the week as I had promised her an entire week alone with me when she returned home from Berlin. She also requested her siblings to join her one at a time for one day each next week. Tuesday will be Sage's day whilst Thursday Cinnamon will be joining her sister for the evening.

Whilst my daughter was drawing, I continued my search for both employment and another place to live. I found one job and applied. With three weeks left to give my notice, time is running out to find another place which is reasonable in price and close to the children's school. Then there is the issue of the children being taken away from here by their father to New Braunfels. I have stated my desire to remain in Austin and wish to listen to Saffron's desire for her to stay in the same school as her best friend. Time will tell how this will situation will play out.

It was Saffron's wish to go to the downtown Whole Foods to have rice and bean tacos. We did, after a stop at Barton Creek Mall to see if we found new tennis shoes for her. She found some - Frozen's Elsa and Anna shoes - but her size was not available. After that, no shoes would do. She had to have those. We went to four different stores but found nothing. Tomorrow I go to one more store alone and hope to find them for her.

We also made a stop at the Lego store. I found a construction set for Sage which I am sure he will like. Saffron finally got a lunchbox as well. Malls are not my thing and I tend to avoid them if at all possible, but for the sake of my children I will make the trip if necessary.

Elsa unleashed her powers of ice today. All was frozen for a while. March is around the corner as is warmer weather. The cold has lingered far too long and it is time for the ice to thaw and spring to arrive.